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Support to Other Organizations Whose Activities Are
in Support of the Foundation’s Objectives

We have and will continue to identify and build close informational and mutually supportive affiliations with charitable organizations, which address some aspect of testes cancer. To date these have included Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation (TCAF). Mr Ballsy, Testicular Cancer Society, Love Your Nuts, Testicular Cancer Commons and Movember. Website linkages will be developed to encourage awareness of our website (and vice versa). These affiliations will help us accomplish our awareness and education goals, as well as providing much needed guidance to us as a new and developing organization.

CACTI also anticipates building linkages to medical research institutions with an interest in testes cancer such as the Johns Hopkins Institute, University of Southern California, MD Anderson, Baylor College of Medicine and Massachusetts General Hospital

As our experience, affiliations and funding grow, we will formalize our efforts to identify the most critical research and/or family support needs and seek to provide grants to qualified organizations and institutions in support of the Foundation’s mission and objectives.


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The Center for Advocacy for Cancer of the Testes International
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We provide support to other organization whose activities are in support of CACTI's objectives.