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Research into the Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and Cure of Testes Cancer

The cure rate for all men diagnosed with testis cancer is approximately 95%. However, these men are subjected to surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation with long-term side effects including secondary cancers, cardiovascular disease, hypogonadism and infertility. These issues are especially pertinent given the young average age (33 in the US) of men with testis cancer.

Current research is focused on optimizing current treatment protocols and avoiding the long-term side effects associated with the disease and its treatments. This research, and much more, will be required to effectively address the cause(s), diagnosis, treatment and cure of testes cancer.

While the CACTI cannot hope to singlehandedly fund all the required research, it is the foundation’s hope that over the longer-term, our limited resources can be used: to generate attention, interest and independent funding of needed research; to help focus research efforts on the most promising areas; and in limited cases to provide “seed” funding for promising, but unproven areas of scientific inquiry. Clearly, these efforts will be dependent on the CACTI’s longer-term success in fund raising.

It is our hopes to build a global database of information describing the affected individuals, case and treatment histories, symptoms and physicians. This database (operated within strict privacy guidelines agreed to by patients and/or families submitting information) will serve as a source of information for researchers and physicians.


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CACTI supports research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and cure of testes cancer.