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How do I learn more about testicular cancer?

If testicular cancer is a concern for you or a family member please consult your doctor right away. Additional information can be found on our Testicular Cancer Facts page or our Resources page.

What are the methods of early detection?

It is necessary to frequently perform a testicular self-examination (TSE). This is done by feeling each testicle for any hard lumps or disparity in size. Discuss anything unusual with your doctor right away. CT scanning is used to determine the extent of the cancer once it has been diagnosed.

What puts me most at risk?

Having an undescended testicle, known as cryptorchidism, increases your risk for testicular cancer. However, testicular cancer can happen to anyone and is most common in young men between the ages of 15 and 35.

How do I talk to a loved one about testicular cancer?

Support of family and friends is most important in difficult times. If you think someone you know may have testicular cancer, encourage him to speak with a doctor. Testicular cancer is one of the more common types of cancer; every man should discuss it with his doctor frequently.

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